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Jessalynn Bills Speight (aka JLBills)
Carpet or Tile? Tile for Cleaning, Carpet for the morning when its cold...
Superman or Batman? Michael Scott
Favorite Color? yellow!!
Sleep in or Early Bird? I go to bed super late when possible and sleep in
Dogs or cats? puppies
Rock and Roll or country? Classic Rock and Roll

Things I enjoy; Family, my husband, my puppies, Cooking, writing, blogging, sunshine, hiking, camping, photography, adoption, Music, reading, laughing till I cry, playing rock band, classic rock, chik fil a lemonade, stargazer lilies,meeting new people, eating weird cheese, reality tv (yes I watch it...im one of the few who will admit it, chips and salsa, running, making people laugh, being outrageous and silly, love stories, making random craft projects, trying new foods, speaking chinese mandarin, shopping, zupas pina colada salad, Bret Michaels (i touched his hand...be jealous), babies and children, getting my hair done, painting my house different colors, vacuuming,youtube, movies, driving long distances, california and oregon, and being with my friends.
Things I don't enjoy; waking up early, doing laundry, cleaning out the car, losing my cell phone or keys, banks, ignorant or fake people, heavy metal, hospitals, how long it takes to get anything done or processed at a government agency, anti adoption people, push ups, people who fix my grammar, cottage cheese or jell-o, when people don't spell out their words while texting, doing my taxes, yelling, policemen, people who play victim constantly, and moving.

My favorite post I have written is Give up Or Place because it is a subject very near and dear to my heart.  

My favorite post someone else has written is Two Sides of the Same Story because it made me cry it was so real.

Desha Wood (aka birthMOM)

Carpet or Tile? hardwood
Superman or Batman? harry potter
Favorite Color? color
Sleep in or Early Bird? insomniac
Dogs or cats? any baby animal
Rock and Roll or country? opera

 things i enjoy: sunflowers, photography, travel, interior design/decorating, water sports, star gazing, beach combing, dancing (ballroom and West Coast Swing), spirituality, roller coasters, analyzing, the zoo, the circus, swinging in swings/hammocks, cooking, waterfalls, the ocean, adoption advocacy, drawing blood, eating hummus, laughing, holding babies, creativity, fireworks, blogging, scuba diving, chillaxin, anatomy lab, baking, receiving massages, historical fiction, nature, naps, steak, the simple things in life, elegance, teaching.

things i dont enjoy: politics, early mornings, cleaning, coconut, shopping, ignorance, coffee, obesity epidemic, vegan diets, beer, speed limits, snow, conformity, excessive noise, unreasonable expectations, ears not popping while scuba diving, people asking retarded questions during class, vomiting, conditional values, religion.
fyi -im chronically and reliably tardy to everything.


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