Hopeful Adoptive Couples

Adoptive couples - If you would like your link or button added to this page, please contact birthmothers4adoption@gmail.com so that it can be read before it gets posted thanks!
please note, if your profile was sent to the above email and you dont see it posted here yet, theres probably a good reason. 

profiles with a ** have been given birthMOMs stamp of approval.
fyi- i will never personally endorse or ever pass along a profile that is geared towards a child of specificity, including and not limited to gender, ethnicity and/or age. ~desha

profiles with a ## have been given JLBills stamp of approval (she knows them personally)

Expectant parents - we have a sh*t list of adoptive couple blogs/profiles that we feel need to be avoided for various reasons, message us if you are worried that you might be considering one of these couples for the placement of your child.

Marisa and Imran

Ryan and Aubrey ##

Kevin and Danelle##

Michelle and Tony

Lexie and Chris

Adam and Kirsten

Rob and Michelle

Adam and Kammie

Rich and Angela

Kathleen and Gerry

Todd and Lauri

Rachel and Joe

Kent and Liz

Michael and Michelle

Tim and Sabrina

Jason and Marcie
Mike and Lori

Liz and Sadie

John and Sheila

Todd and Lisa

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