Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Cost of Baby

I was thinking earlier today, after watching yet another episode of 16 and pregnant. This episode was featuring a young couple staying together and parenting their baby! They were upset with how much a child cost, in fact the birthfather went out and bought himself a playstation and rock band! He said "This baby isn't even born yet and I am already broke."

Babies not only have a lot of emotional needs, but financial ones too!
Here are just a few costs and prices I looked up:

Stroller  $60-130
Crib  $140 +
Bottles  $80/yr approx
Diapers $9,000-11,000/ yr
Pacifiers 2/pk $3.99
Formula  $80-150/mos
Baby Carriage  $30-100

Keep in mind this is just a few of the things, not to mention medical health insurance. Also, remember that a baby grows up! Remember how much it cost when you started school? I also decided to look up the avg cost of a raising a child to the age of 18, excluding tuition for college.


That is if they are healthy 100% of the time!
So, that is just some food for thought that I was feasting on!

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