Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hard? yeah...

Now here is my next thought for today!

As you have seen many of my amazing friends have shown or shared their adoption story! I just wanted to cover something that seems to come up a lot in the support group I go to.
What if it hurts me when I place? 
Unfortunately I can only bring myself to give an honest answer! Its going to be REALLY HARD and its going to REALLY HURT. But if you ask 99% of people who have placed they will say they did the right thing! There are people I know who have placed 1, 4, 10, 14, 25 years ago; they all hold to their decision. 

You will cry, you will bawl, you will miss them with everything in you. But it will get better, life will go on. When you see how happy they are in a 2 parent family, that can provide, and be there for that child emotionally, physically, and financially, you will be reassured in your decision! If you have any more questions of coping skills or how it is in general after placement, email us!!!

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