Sunday, August 2, 2009


Hey Guys!! Sorry...I am in school right now for close to 20 hours a day. The internet blocks blogsites!!!! Seriously i have been missing you all. 

So It hit me a couple days ago.... my baby is going to be 1 in like 2 1/2 weeks....i am freaking out!!!
I can already feel its going to be really rough! At the same time I am overwhelmed with happiness. I know that the decision I chose was right for everyone involved. I look at my baby and see how incredibly happy she is. How her family surrounds her with unmatched love! She is cared for like crazy by an unbelievable amount of people. These past two years I have learned a lot and plan on learning more as time goes on. She is always in my heart and everything I do is for her so she can look at me one day and see the change she has made in my life. I love her more than life itself. So here is to you baby girl!!! One year down, many more to go!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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