Friday, August 21, 2009


Well the first birthday has come and gone!! I thought I would be an absolute mess!!! But it was good! I did cry a little bit but overall it was fine! I wrote in my journal, looked at a few of the pictures I have from birth on up (thats funny because to be honest there is like a million pics). I decided yesterday was to be celebrated not grieved! Thankfully I have a fantastic group of friends who helped me through this milestone by calling and talking to me! I am so thankful to have gone through this experience. I was also lucky enough to get to see my baby a week before her birthday. Although it was a short amount of time, it was a good time! I was so happy to get to see her! She has grown so much and into a beautiful girl! I am so thankful to my Heavenly Father who has helped me through this trial and who gave me this blessing. I love you all!!!
Love Jessalynn


birthMOM said...

yes yes yes!! the bdays are days to be celebrated, not grieved, after all it is the day they are BORN! lol i can understand some grieving on placement anniversary's, but not on birthdays, birthdays are amazing!

im so glad you had a great experience seeing her. SOSOSOSO glad you chose to celebrate her entry into the world. i was sending you adoption luvs all day! mwuah

Helen said...

What beautiful girls! Glad it went well.

Karine said...

She is beautiful! :) You are too! :) I am glad you made it. Celebrating her coming into this world thru you was the right thing to do :) You are her personal angel :)

Denise said...

She is absolutely beautiful and what you did was a very courageous and unselfish thing - I am married and just recently found out I cannot have children - Your website is so lovely and hopeful I wish someday I would find a birth mother with your love and values so that I would be blessed to be an adoptive parent. - Denise mike_denise@mail.com

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