Monday, August 31, 2009

WANTED! guest bloggers

~if you have placed a child for adoption and are willing to share, then i want you to contact me!

~if you know a woman who placed her child for adoption and you think she might be willing to share, then ask her to contact me!

we are going to start featuring guest bloggers on this here blog! After all, it is called the site for birthmothers by birthmothers, right?!

if you are not comfortable blogging publicly, by all means we will post your blog anonymously, just be sure to tell us.

I want guest bloggers to be completely comfy with the 'topic' they blog about, so as a guest blogger, you can pick your own topic or we can provide you with a few topics to choose from, whatever you want!

you can leave a comment on this post with contact info if you are interested, or email me (birthMOM) directly, my email addy is on my blogger profile. i look forward to getting your guest blogs posted!

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