Sunday, September 20, 2009


Calling all birthmothers!!

Calling all photographers who love adoption and/or birthmothers!!

(not a birthmother or a photographer? please help promote this event- spread the word!!)

Here's the plan....
PINK is the awareness color that represents birthparents (and breast cancer). All birthmoms are asked to come to Memory Grove Park wearing denim jeans or dark pants (NO khakis or white pants please) and some sort of pink shirt that makes you feel fabulous!!

PLEASE bring ONE black and white photo of your birth child, regular 4x6 size.

We are all going to meet up at 2 O'CLOCK SHARP at the gate in memory grove park in downtown SLC utah, READY to have our pictures taken. (where the tornado was 10 yrs ago- yeah that park!) see link for park info.

I'm thinking after we play photo shoot for a bit then
we can all go somewhere fun and close to eat a snack, visit/chitchat, make new friends, etc. (stay tuned for details on that aspect as i need to have some locals scope out some options, leave any suggestions on the wall.)

Photographers - i have a few that are ready and willing to take pics of us, but all interested photographers are invited!

the plan- take fun creative cute group pics of all the birthmoms, load their pics online or to a central site where we can all see how they turned out. The birthmoms can get copies if they want.
photographers will get mucho thanks and positive referrals on birthmom and adoption blogs, facebook and adoptionvoices.com.

carpool - i know some don't have cars, the park is close to the trax line. if you can help carpool please let me know what direction you are coming from and how many you can take - leave a note on the wall. i will try to help orchestrate getting everyone there, but im not local, so try to arrange with other birthmoms you may know. (not having a ride is NOT an acceptable excuse for not being able to come!!) so be sure to communicate transportation needs! if all you can do is get to temple square via trax than we can shuttle people up to the gate at the park, but it cant be done without communication!

PLEASE check back to this invite for developments, changes, and basically the latest info as details get better arranged!

***Donations from the birthmoms to the photographers for their time and talents are encouraged but not required***
i'd like to start encouraging this sort of thing to happen everywhere, there's something pretty awesome about birthmom camaraderie, even if its a brief moment! so i thought this would be a great way to get the ball rolling and get birthmoms everywhere inspired to gather together!

the official invitation is on facebook along with all the details and links. rsvp on facebook please!

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