Monday, November 23, 2009

guest blogger: positive adoption emotions

megan and shane asked me, birthMOM, to guest blog as part of their WOWzers Wednesday posts for national adoption month! every day of the week has a different theme and every weds she has featured thoughts from birth mothers.

rather than re post it on here, i figured id just direct you to the post
on her darling blog

It was posted this past weds, yup, sent direct from turkey! the picture is of me on the black sea coast with some old ruins in the background, part of an old castle. it's beyond beautiful there.
while i was there i had this lil epiphany:

"im standing on a castle wall, overgrown with ivy, built by ancient romans, and looking out at the black sea. i am awestruck. every choice i have made in life has led me to this moment. i am a lucky girl..." and so i cried. 11/12/09 11:10 am. amasra turkey

it seems only fitting that my camera battery died moments before i had this tender experience.

thank you so much for the opportunity, megan and shane, to share some of my adoption thoughts with the world! and thank you for all you do for promoting positivity towards all of us birth mothers! luvs to you and your sweet babies

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