Friday, November 6, 2009


Okay I read and heard a very disturbing article today. Someone complaining that Utah did not give them any rights as a father. You have nine whole months to file for paternity rights....thats right not 2 days not a month but NINE MONTHS!!!! You mean someone didn't tell you you could do that?? Well if it was really that important to you, you could have researched it. I am so frustrated with the birthfathers who mess around the entire nine months of pregnancy and then when they have their OH CRAP moment they blame it on agencies and the birthmother. Your baby was not "taken" from you, you had your chance and you revoked it. So please get off of your woe is me, you messed up not everyone else. 

***Sorry if this offends anyone, I know there are a lot of great birthfathers out there and I congratulate them.***


debs life said...

If he isn't involved he doesn't deserve them, period, and he has plenty of time to file a paternity suit, if you don't go the route you need to to prove paternity then you don't deserve rights.

I hate it when people (i.e, BF's) forget what the woman has to go through and only think of themselves They are informed of a possible pregnancy by having sex with someone, its not our job to let them know anything after a pregnancy happens in Utah and its a beautiful thing. It's helped many birthmoms get out of possibly bad situations.

debs life said...

P.S. The guy who got me pregnant ditched me for 6 months and showed up out of NOWHERE 3 weeks before my daughter was born and not only stopped the adoption but filed a paternity suit. Get this, his LAWYER was AN ADOPTIVE PARENT!!! The nerve! It was ugly, he didn't deserve any rights, he wasn't around during the pregnancy. The only reason he stopped the adoption was to try to get me to marry him, to make everyone's life miserable, it wasn't because he wanted Anna, in fact he had the nerve to say to me, "you better be glad she's a girl because if she wasn't, there's no way I'd consider adoption". Okay, there's my vent session, thanks!

Sean and Sierra said...

I know that not all birth fathers are this way, but my sons birth father never came to ONE single appointment while I was pregnant. He never bought anything for the baby when I was first planning to parent. He cheated on me. His ex girlfriend was pregnant too, about 7 months ahead of me, but I didn't know till after I was pregnant. Didn't have a job. Was in and out of jail for dealing drugs. Yet when I told him I was choosing adoption, his response was, "but my love for the baby is enough to parent." Excuse me?? Coming from the same guy that barely saw me during my pregnancy. The same guy that promised he would be there to find out the sex of the baby, then wouldn't anwser his phone? Yup same guy. I had my son in California, but since he was concieved in Utah and the bf was still there, we did everything by Utah law. Which I am so grateful for. Luckily the bf didn't care enough to file for paternity or to contest the adoption and for that I'm grateful!

Feels good to vent doesn't it?! =)

Jessalynn Speight said...

Love to vent!! Thank you guys for reading and commenting on the site!!

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