Monday, December 21, 2009

2 christmas poems i like

A Birthmother's Christmas
By Shonna K.

It was the night before Christmas
and all through the world
Birthmothers were praying
for their precious boys and girls.

One certain Birthmother
Was trying not to mourn
For this Christmas was the first
Since her baby had been born

Knowing her decision
Was one for the best
She lights a candle in memory
Then sits down to rest.

The wick of the candle
flickers with light
The wind outside is howling
She finds little comfort on this lonely night

For this is the first of many
She will feel this great loss
For her child reaps the benefit,
She simply pays the cost

She takes out an old album
And gently dusts off the cover
It is all she has left
To feel like a mother.

She treasures each photo
of her little one
They are her only ties
To her precious son.

Silently a tear
Slips down her cheek
She wipes it away quickly
So she doesn't appear weak.

Christmas will never
be the same again
She will always be thinking
of her little man.

She knows through her pain
For him this was right
But her unselfish deed
Gives little comfort that night.

Her arms are still empty
Her heart is still breaking
He is with somebody else
And she is left aching.

Her heart sits on each page
Of that dusty book
In his eyes, his little face
The way that he looks.

The clock strikes midnight
It is officially Christmas morn
The first that he's had
Since the day he was born

She can't hide her pain
She can't hide her tears
This is the first of many
Long, painful years

But the light that she sees
At the end of all this
Is the smile on his face
He is truly blessed

With that thought
She slowly readies for bed
To sleep all night
Dreams of him in her head

She slowly lays down
And heads off to sleep
Knowing his memory
She will always keep.

praying Christmas angel by karen lewis

Dear Santa

by Patty Savol

Dear Santa,
Today I'll write my list out
It really isn’t much,
Maybe just a phone call,
A picture, letter, or such.

Its only been a month,
Plus a few days more,
Since the day I saw them take,
My baby out the door.

I swore I wouldn't cry,
and for days I didn't dare,
I knew that he understood,
I know he knew I cared.

But this year my list will be different,
No CDs, candles, or clothes,
U only want one thing from you,
And that's to let him know I love him so....

Perhaps this isn't an order,
That you can fill yourself,
So maybe you can ask God,
If he can offer a little help.

After all He sent the angels,
That comfort my little man,
So maybe he could ease my fears,
I've done all I can.

So now I'll close this letter,
With a thank you, and a please,
Send my boy a piece of my heart,
Because this Christmas he won't be with me.

Love Always,
A Birth-Mother


Karine said...

Wow that was beautiful. I had tears in my eyes as I read it! Thank you for Sharing. Merry Christmas everyone!

birthmomforever said...

I had never read that poem before. It is very beautiful! I got all teary eyed! I'm grateful for the memories and the openness. I recieved a card and pictures today and was pleasantly surprised as I didn't expect it. It made my day. Merry christmas everyone!

Kara said...

Both of these are simply beautiful and so touching. Thanks for sharing!

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