Friday, December 18, 2009

Blankets 4 Birthmothers

     Hey Guys!! Happy Holidays!! I apologize for lacking on the site lately, learning chinese isn't really something that gives you a lot of free time. lol. Anyways I am implementing a new program and would love your help! Starting in January I will start collecting blankets. You can make them, buy them, donate fabric, ANYTHING WILL HELP!!
     The reason for the blankets: I want to deliver them to the different agencies that I talk to (all together there are 6) and they have agreed to bring them to the hospital after the birthmothers have placed so they do not go home empty handed.
     Where to send them: 
   Jessalynn Bills
10279 South Chestnut View Court
South Jordan, Utah
 With the blankets you may include poems, thoughts, anything to encourage them. I already have about three hundred people committed. I would love for more. So lets send those wonderful women home with something to cherish and keep them warm at night!!! Spread the word. The person or group with the most blankets by May will receive a very generous prize donated by a surprise company (if I tell you what company it will give away the surprise)

Any questions you can email me at birthmothers4adoption@gmail.com

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Hello Kitty said...

You not kidding either, are you?
Un effing believable.

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