Wednesday, December 23, 2009

even baby jesus was adopted

joseph adopted jesus and raised him as his own. he was the best father he knew how to be and taught jesus how to be a carpenter. there is no doubt that joseph was the key role model in jesus' upbringing, every baby deserves a mother and a father. one of the many reasons i love adoption.
"It was the custom of the Galilean Jews for the mother to bear the responsibility for a child's training until the fifth birthday, Joseph, the Carpenter by Georges de La Tour and then, if the child were a boy, to hold the father responsible for the lad's education from that time on. ... Jesus entered upon the fifth stage of a Galilean Jewish child's career, and accordingly August, 2 B.C., Mary formally turned him over to Joseph for further instruction."


Karine said...


Kelsey Stewart, Author said...

What a wonderful concept! YOu have made me think in a way I never have before and I wrote my own blog because of what you have said. Thank you for sharing and opening my mind to this...
Kelsey Stewart
Author, The Best For You

Anonymous said...

Jesus was NOT separated from his biological mother for adoption! A 'step-parent' adoption has ZERO relevance to traditional adoption as this site relates.

This is a gross twisting of the story of the birth of Christ.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the previous poster. I think your assumptions of Jesus are inaccurate & assumptive at best. Are you Christian? How do you know this as "fact". No one religion has been "endorsed" officially by God as his "one true Church" as far as I know...

Anonymous said...

Can you please supply the source of the above mentioned text?

birthMOM said...

one does not have to be separated from a birthparent to be adopted. a step parent adoption has every relevance to this site, this is a site for-birthmothers-by-birthmothers who support ADOPTION. (in ALL its forms)

my own father was adopted by my grandfather. My dad was adopted AND was raised by his biological mother.

there are no facts in the above post, especially since i was not present in jesus' life, of course the thoughts shared are opinion and assumptive at best! this IS a blog, not an accredited science journal.

To my knowledge those of the LDS faith do believe that God HAS endorsed that faith as his one true church. but that has nothing to do with my opinion of joseph being an adoptive father to jesus.

personally, i am spiritual, not religious and do not practice any specific faith, so i ask you- does that make me a christian or not?

birthMOM said...

click on the picture, and you will be directly taken to the source.

that link has always been there, im enough of an academic to know better than to not site a source such as this one! its a very interesting website and spurs lots of thought! enjoy!

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