Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I love everyone's comments on this site. This site is something that I hoped would help people. I do not mind differing opinions. However, I do mind bitter, hateful remarks against adoption. I do mind bitter, hateful remarks towards birthmothers. So I plead to you, if you have a problem with a posting on this site, please direct it to my email birthmothers4adoption@gmail.com. I would be thrilled to discuss it. I do not appreciate being called and incubator, a baby-seller, someone who was tricked, living in fog, etc. I made my choice with full knowledge of the adoption process and I know I am not the only one. Those of you who have terrible adoption experiences to share, my heart goes out to you, I have one of those experiences in my family, BUT THIS IS NOT THE PLACE TO SPREAD HATE!!! If you would like to be a guest blogger and share your whole story email me and I would be happy to post it.

Thanks so much, Jessalynn

while feedback and comments are appreciated and its great to know that there are readers out there, ridiculous accusatory and untruthful statements will not be tolerated aka if a comment is posted in a derogatory context towards members of this site or the birthmother community, it will be deleted by a blog author or administrator.

there is an appropriate way to share your opinion- even if it is an opinion differing from the majority or even if it is 'a negative' opinion. please be mindful.~birthMOM


Unknown said...

Oh Hi, just so you know I posted a new blog today- With your blog link in it- have a nice day!

Karine said...

I would love to post a blog link on my blog.... I just don't know...anyone want to share that knowledge I would appreciate it...
plz email me at karinelynn200o@yahoo.com
I think this is an amazing blog, I visit it often and I support Birthmothers 101%
These women are angel sent, they help creat families that other wise could not be done. They are selfless and loving women!
So if anyone knows how to link this...I would love to know and be a better supporter of this blog.
Thanks Karine

Unknown said...

I love this blog! Thank you for writing it and thank you for offering so much support and wisdom to birth mothers and the adoption community in general.

I'll keep visiting if you'll keep writing!

:) Laura Cannon

Tracey said...


Anonymous said...

I'm still not seeing how any of that applies to the comment I had deleted. I am also still waitng for the email to explain it to me

Lisa said...

I understand what you mean. I was targeted by an anti adoption group and told me that my kids were kidnapped and I am a terrible person for taking someone elses kids and i could NEVER be their mom etc. And they were better off homeless than to be with me. Very sick. They were posting pics of my kids on their own sites etc and turns out they are all parents who LOST their kids to the system for failing to take care of them properly so they have turned their hatred on others. you never know the motivation behind people who don't understand birth parents or adoptive parents. Just know that you are sooo loved and appreciated. As an adoptive parent to 4, my heart loves and cherishes all birthparents who make the decision to change someone like my life FOREVER and put the needs of their babies before themselves. NOTHING is a higher calling on this earth than do be a birthmom and Hevely Father is so proud of you for fufilling that calling.

Anonymous said...

Deleting comments is just your way of saying you can't handle the truth. Enjoy your delusion while you can, pris. It's going to eat you alive later.

Jessalynn Speight said...

First of all, I am in the Army and work my butt of everyday. I work hard for what I get. I am intelligent and do one of the hardest jobs one could do, while juggling a busy schedule...what exactly constitutes me being a pris? Also at least I have the gall to stand behind my words anon!! I can and will delete any comment that has nothing to do with the post itself. Best of luck to you ANON

Unknown said...

Hi, I just found this site. I'm a birth mom. I don't really have any questions, but I know where to come if I think of any! lol This is a good thing tho. I get hounded for giving my son up. They are against abortion but act like adoption is waaaaaaaay worse! I'm against abortion also but I couldn't care for my son so I found him a better home with awesome people.

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