Wednesday, January 6, 2010

One Last Thing....

I just think I need to clarify on something. I don't have a problem with all birthfathers. Never have and never will. I simply was expressing my discontent for the birthfathers that don't do anything throughout the pregnancy, are notified of the adoption, and do nothing to stop it until the deed is done. In my particular case the birthfather was not at a healthy anything to be a father to anyone. He willingly signed the papers. I DO NOT have a problem with birthfathers. I just wanted to express how silly it was to know about it, not act on it, then complain.

Once again, each situation is different and I can never address all situations. If you have a differing story and would like to be a guest blogger GO FOR IT!! Email me!

Thanks for reading


Shannan said...

I am following the whole debate and am interested in all the crazy views about adoption, but ultimately I have to just focus on my own kids and what THEY think about adoption....not anyone else.
I also wanted to say that as an adoptive mother of four kids I want to thank you for spreading good words about birthmoms. From my experience a lot of people think birthmoms are all drugged out, young, or crazy. I know that's not true and I am glad to see this blog that shows that mostly you are just good women who make a very difficult decision for the love of your child. So thank you to you and all other birthmoms who give us loser women a chance to become a mother.

debs life said...

I've known very far and FEW situations where the birthfather was willingly involved. In fact, I have seen many cases where the mother of the birthfather is fighting for the child through their son, its sick. There are so many different stories out there...however, I am gonna guess that in most cases the BF either bolts once he hears about the pregnancy or he just doesn't do anything about it. It's hard not to stereotype them though because there are so many bad ones out there.

I have a really good friend who was friends with the BF throughout the entire pregnancy, they both realized they wanted to do what was right for the child and placed her together, this is the IDEAL situation, in fact to this day they are still friends. Children shouldn't cause legal battles or fights, everyone should be involved in a very loving and kind way that is in the best interest of the child, that's it.

Kyle & Shanna said...

I have never read anything on here that says All birthfathers are bad or evil or whatever. I'm the same way, and have known of very few cases where the birth father stayed involved to the end and helped make the choice for the child. For the ones that do I'm just as proud of them as I am for the girls, it's a tough choice on both parts.

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