Sunday, February 21, 2010

Absentee Blogger

I feel really lame!! I haven't been able to blog for a while! I have not neglected this site, for some reason the army blocked blogging so I couldn't get on. No fear! I am still present in the blogosphere!! HA!!


This is a neat article a friend sent me a while back and I thought some of you might be interested in reading it!! Let me know what you think!!

I also came across this quote and thought it was fitting for some of the feelings I feel sometimes towards adoption and life in general.

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. ~M. Kathleen Casey

Love you guys!! Thanks for continuing to read!!


RockyMtnTiger said...
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RockyMtnTiger said...

I really like the quote you have left at the bottom. Pain is inevitable suffering optional. Obviously we will all face painful events, choices, encounters,etc. However, it is how we come out on the back end and if we will let those moments defeat us or hold us back. We are but human beings frail in our existence and inevitably we all at some point in our lives and sometimes multiple times will fall down in this race called life.

If we can just remember lucky for us it is not a race against others and although we may trip we need to jump back up, claw our way back up if we have to and brush ourselves off, learn why, how, what tripped us up and finish strong. If when we fall and languish in our misery, remain stagnant by all the guilt, pain, SUFFERING, and loss we can no longer progress forward.

We must allow the healing hand of the Lord to take upon him our burdens and lighten the load we all bare from time to time. We must dig deep and love ourselves, forgive ourselves, and permit ourselves to rebuild towards a better and brighter future.

My father once told me there are three ways to deal with an issue. You can turn your back on it, walk around it (avoid), or you can face it head on. The first two although easy at first allows the issue or problem to increase in size, and begins to damage us within. The third although painful at first will eventually remove the obstacle, teach us a life lesson, and brings us to a deeper wisdom towards life.

Consequences are always present both good and bad with every decision and choice we make its unavoidable, but time will heal the chasms in our souls and the recovery can be speedy if we turn to our Lord in time of need. May all you young ladies find the strength each and everyone of you possess. May you all find the joy each of you deserve. Know this even when times seem dark and impossible there are many who love you and will help you out of that place. Sometimes you too need to trust and give those around you the opportunity to serve you. God Bless you all and thankyou JLBills for sharing the simple yet powerful quote.

P.S. It is my desire that my daughter who has traveled the journey of a birthmother know how much I cherish her, love her and I am so very proud of her in all she does.

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