Tuesday, February 16, 2010

guest blogger: how do you feel NOW?

I feel wonderful about my adoption choice! 

It has been an amazing 7 years of watching my birth daughter grow, through pictures. She has had an amazing life so far. She is in dance, they take many family trips, she has a great little best friend, and the best parents ever (kinda jealous, I wish they would have been mine growing up.. LOL)! She has had some attachment issues with her Mom but overall I think she is doing excellent. 

I am doing well. I have a wonderful fiance and we have since had two other children. My nine year old daughter has some issues lately with my choice of placing my birth daughter but as long as we talk about it she feels better. 

My relationship with my birth daughters parents is great. I consider them extended family and I am pretty confident they feel the same towards me. We dont talk on the phone, we pretty much just keep in touch through email, facebook and pictures. They allow me send her a gift at Christmas/Birthday time (they are only 4 days apart) although she doesnt know it is from me. We talk pretty freely but I do not have visits with my birth daughter- I feel confident that is in her best interest, per her family. 

I feel that adoption has affected my other relationships positivly thus far. I have not recieved much negative feedback and I would not be where I am in life had I not made the right choice and placed my birth daughter. ~Adrienne

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