Tuesday, June 22, 2010

logo contest UPDATE

its time we have a logo for this website! a logo will better help us network with other adoption sites, create recognition in the virtual adoption community and therefore further extend the outreach to fellow birthmothers. the logo will also be used as a 'button' that can be easily posted on other blogs for quick and easy linkups.

we are asking YOU, our creative and adoption inspired readers, to submit a logo, (or logos if youre creative juices are overflowing!) to add an element of fun, weve made it a contest!

6 logos will be selected that we, the blog administrators, feel best represents adoption, birthmothers, and the positive vibes that this blogsite represents.  then, the world will have their chance to vote on those 6 logos and the winner will be just that, the winner! there is a small prize involved, besides the notoriety that will certainly get you immense recognition for the rest of your life! ;-)

some suggestions, but most certainly not requirements... pink is the awareness color that represents birthmothers, white is the awareness color that represents adoption. also keep in mind this blogsite address is 'birthmothers4adoption.blogspot.com' - obviously we promote and celebrate adoption! the blogsite was created as a mechanism to share, support, and connect to other birthmothers. 

details have been changed about the contest. including:
~the deadline to submit logos has been extended to midnight july 3, 2010 MST.  
~there is no limit to how many logos you can submit. but please dont submit 10 different logos that are exactly the same except they are in 10 different colors, or similar situations.
~submit all logo entries to : birthmothers4adoption at  gmail dot com 
~please spread the word on your blog or adoption friendly website encouraging logo entries

thank you readers! we are so excited to see what you come up with! ~desha and jessa
original contest post.

ps. if youre brand new to our blogsite because of promo-4-logo about this contest,  then WELCOME! we invite you to become a blog follower, poke around the archives, perhaps use the labels, read some guest bloggers stories and past articles, comment on things you feel passionate about, ya know - get a feel for 'who and what' this site is and then create away! if you have any questions, just ask!

oh and we are always looking to feature guest bloggers, contact birthMOM (desha): deshawood at gmail dot com if you want to contribute/share on this blogsite!

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Anonymous said...

My name is Alexander abbreviated Alex. Here is my story:
One day when I returned from school and standing in the doorway she heard my mother's phone conversation. I do not remember verbatim what she said, but the meaning is: it can no longer provide, and I was going to give in the Dead House. That night I cried and cried and was angry at my mother but then realized that she is very fond of me and her this plan also did not like. About a week later I realized that I do. Since I do not want to go to the Dead House. I need to find parents. I'm not asking you for money, I ask you to save me.
I'm good. Since I do not have problems like other teens. Please give me a chance.

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