Thursday, July 1, 2010

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Hello Friends, Readers, and the General Public.

I realized last night that I have never properly introduced myself and since there seems to be mix-ups all to often about what I do here...Allow me to explain.

My name is Jessa. I placed a little girl for adoption almost two years ago (August 08). I love adoption more then I ever have before. I have been surrounded by adoption since I was very young. Several family members, friends, and neighbors that have been adopted, have adopted, or have placed. When I placed and I was having a hard time I decided that I wanted to do something, I wanted to show the world how much I loved adoption and Why it meant so much to me. I wanted if possible, to reach out to others and help them in any possible way. I decided on a blog. So I enlisted help from a birthmom I met in Oregon (aka birthMOM) and I set off on a journey. To my surprise it took off better then I ever expected! I was delighted. We now have readers from California to New Zealand. Amazing!

This site was originally created for just birthmoms and that is the main focus here. However it ended up being helpful to adoptive couples as well who like to hear the birthmother side. It is so great because I also have been able to better understand adoptive couples. I decided to organize some retreats. I first did an adoptive couple retreat. I had a BLAST! I met so many wonderful people. I got to sit in on the birthmother panel, and watch the adoptive couple panel! So many great people I met that weekend.

So I do not lie on here, sometimes I can be a little harsh on some situations but that does not mean I hate adoptive couples or birthfathers. I understand there are two sides to every story. I understand that open adoption is not for everyone. I know that being a birthmom can bring unbearable grief and unparalleled joy as well.

I do not people bash on here. I do not mention names with out permission from that individual. There are times when I even just write briefly about a person and make sure that its okay to even share their story.

And just in case you cared
I enjoy the color yellow, fettucine alfredo, long walks on the beach, and Chik-fil-A lemonade.

:) I love you all!


Unknown said...

Jessa you are AWESOME!!! keep being yourself, we need more people like you in this world :)

debs life said...

I'm glad I know you Jessa, even though I am a birthmom myself, I am always so amazed by my fellow birthmoms.

I actually can't remember how I stumbled on this website to begin with, I am fairly sure it was through birthMOM. I am glad this website exists, it's helped me to offer good advice and it's a good outlet to talk about my adoption with people who really understand.

~Random side note...I don't know if the "You Might Also Like" section is just random, but I love how my story keeps coming up, as if it relates to a lot of posts....LOVE it, lol.

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