Monday, July 19, 2010

giveaway winner

the winners of our very first giveaway are ..... drum roll please...... 
~thank you again kelsey, you are amazing and so is your book! ~

heather guest blogged for us back in january. havent read it yet? 
grab a tissue, youre gonna need it. powerful. 

i met brit on facebook not too long ago when she was under attack by a group of ruthless anti's on a supposed birthmother support page. im always glad to have a new birthmom friend! 
maybe shell even guest blog for us!  (hint hint, brit ;-) ) 

if you didnt win, its ok- i never do either, dont fret, there are more giveaways to come
stay tuned and thanks so much for participating! adoption luvs from both desha and jessa

ps. if you want to guest blog please contact one of us!!! or better yet, if you want to be a regular author so you can blog on here whenever your little heart desires, that. would. be. AWESOME! 
the more birthmothers we have contributing to this blog, the better!! 

pps. apologies - both of us are pretty swamped at the moment and are trying our best to keep things running smoothly here. thanks for you patience. 

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Britney O'Connor said...

Ah! You'd think I just won a few thousand dollars with my reaction to winning this giveaway! I have never won anything...and for it to be this amazing book...just a couple of weeks before my daughter's birthday, so amazing!!! I love you guys so much! And I'd love to guest blog anytime! :) Thank you thank you thank you!

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