Monday, July 5, 2010

open - nothing else matters

thanks to my birthmother sister/friend shelley of adoption connections i was able to find a gem of a blog  - and a particular post especially.  this adoptive mothers words are beautiful, admirable, courageous and beyond full-of-love.

i very much want to give a shout out to her compassion towards the family's who birthed her children, her love for her kids, and therefore her love for their 'other mothers'. she is a fabulous example to all adoptive couples out there and i wish, truly wish, that more will take her words to heart and follow her amazing example.

heres a snippet:
I understand that some would use any of the ample excuses at my disposal as a reason to close an adoption.   Run-ins with the police, active addiction, inappropriate gifts, uncomfortable situations, angry family members, criminal activities are all reasons we hear for closing up relationships.  My kids first parents live complicated, confusing, difficult lives.  That I do not deny. And I love them.  

My love, my overabundant, over whelming, huge amount of pure love for my kids cannot erase their need and desire to be loved by their original parents.  

breathtaking? hell yeah! 
wanna read more??  of course!
it is the amazing wonderful women like this adoptive mom, who demand openness out of love, that give hope and strength to those birthmothers who have been lied to, betrayed, and cast aside by our childrens adoptive mothers. shame on them, for out of love, only good grows.  Jen is proof of that! thank you jen!


Karine said...

Thanks for sharing her blog :) I LOVE IT! :) Its amazing how many people really do feel this way (me included) :) and how it can connect us all in a small way :) I love it!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for linking to me -- not sure how I missed this when you linked me originally but thank you again! :)


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