Sunday, August 8, 2010

giveaway #2 - winner!

thank you to everyone that nominated a birthmother for this unique giveaway!

we can not thank birthmother baskets enough for what they do. 
their gift reaches beyond the tangible to each of the women presented with a basket, at a time when support and love and a little acknowledgment can do unspeakable wondrous healing to the heart and soul. it's like the pebble in the pond analogy, you never know how far the ripple in the water will reach. 
i encourage everyone who has been touched by adoption to participate in making pond ripples. 
this is a perfect way to 'pay it forward' to the universe. 
please please please make a contribution to the birthmother baskets project! 

a very huge and warm hug and thank you to {bmb} for donating a basket for our giveaway. 

i am excited to announce that 
Jessi Oswald 
will be receiving a {bmb}!

"I met Jessi twice. Once a few days before she gave birth and once in the hospital. Her strength amazes me. The second I walked into the hospital I felt like I was learning from her. Even though she struggles just like we all do, I know deep down she has an amazing strength inside her. Jessi brought a beautiful baby boy into this world on fathers day, 2010."

***if you would like to submit a request for a birthmother basket please follow the instructions on their page. also, to donate items or cash- all the info you need is there, including a paypal link! please add the {bmb} button to your blog!***

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