Tuesday, August 10, 2010

giveaway - the r house couture

***this giveaway has been extended until weds aug 18th***
remember when i asked you what the perfect birthmother jewelry would look like to you? 
Jessa and i want to say thank you to those of you who shared your thoughts. 

as an extra special 'thank you' to: 

for sharing your emotions, inspirations and vision.... 

the r house couture would like to offer you 
$5 off your custom order 
to create YOUR perfect birthmother piece of jewelry!
(contact me for the special code and you ARE eligible to enter the giveaway)

the r house couture is an awesome shop run by three amazing women who have been forever changed by adoption. the shop is full of unique gifts centered around the emotions often involved in the journey of adoption, from all members of the triad. (although there are so many other applicable sentiments to their pieces, even if adoption is the furthest thing from your mind, you will want to peruse the creations they have listed). please check them out, i am confident you will find something you love. and if you dont, they specialize in custom creations and love to make ideas come to life!

now! on to the giveaway! 
I am beyond to thrilled to show you, for the first time EVER, the latest r house couture creation, 
inspired by non other than our very own amazing beautiful birth mothers and readers. 

i need a drum roll.....

from the comments, this is what we came up with: 

we tried to do something that tied together the entire adoption triad. this is what we thought: the ribbon charm represents being a birth mother and the birth mother's love just like you have on your site. the white pearl came from the white ribbon which represents adoption as a whole and the long charm with the initial at the bottom represents the child with their initial on it.

as an adoption mom, i love the white pearl on there. there are few people more precious than the birth mothers of my boys. there are few women i know who have sacrificed more. white just symbolizes something sacred ...and i needed to express that in this piece. ~mrs r

isn't it beautiful?!?!
we are so incredibly blessed to have the support and participation of the r house couture, 
and the love of these three women who endlessly advocate not only for adoption 
but for birth mothers everywhere. 
our (all birthmothers) adoption journeys would not be the same without them. 
believe me when i say that there is no way to measure what good has been done in the world today by mrs r, kimsuellen, and leisha

heres what you need to do to enter to win this amazing necklace:

**simply leave a comment telling us one thing you love about adoption** 

here are some more ways you can enter to increase your chances! 
leave a comment for each separate eligible entry, dont forget to include your email addy so we can contact you!

1. join the r house couture fan page on facebook
2. follow this blog (birthmothers4adoption)
3. leave a new comment on any post in our blog archives that you enjoyed- you must include the link to the comment
4. if you entered a previous giveaway of ours and were not so lucky, leave a comment here.
5. promote this giveaway- include the promotion link from twitter, fb, AV, a blog post, etc
6. agree to being a guest blogger for us! (leave your email addy so i can contact you to discuss details about a future guest post)

reminder, birthmothers only for entry in this giveaway, but please dont be afraid to order a necklace for the amazing birthmother in your life. 

giveaway ends sunday aug 15th at midnight PST
***this giveaway has been extended until weds aug 18th***


Jessalynn Speight said...

1. I joined the r house couture fan page on facebook
2. I follow this blog (birthmothers4adoption)
3. I left a comment.
4. I entered a previous giveaway and nominated someone.
5. I promoted this giveaway- facebook
6. I will be a guest blogger

Jessa birthmothers4adoption@gmail.com

Bronson Family said...

Love, love, love it! It turned out so great. I'm not sure if you want separate comments for each entire or just one so I'm just going to include them all here.

1. What's not to love about adoption!
2. Liked the r house couture fan page
3. Follow this blog
4. Can't wait to be a guest blogger!


Kelsey Stewart, Author said...

I absolutely LOVE this new necklace!!!!!!!

birthMOM said...

jlbills entry #3:

Jessalynn Speight said...

And I love adoption more than pretty much anything...maybe quite possibly even more than chik-fil-a. New Friends, Family, and Lots of Love to go around!!

Kelsey Stewart, Author said...

I just promted this on my fan page on Facebook!!!

Alli said...

I love adoption because without it my daughter would not be sealed to an eternal family, she wouldn't have siblings near her age and she wouldn't have a good father in her life!

1. I joined the r house on facebook AND suggested it to all my birthmother friends!

2. I follow this blog and have it linked on my own adoption blog

3. I entered the childrens book giveaway. I'll be going online and buying them!

4. I agreed to be a guest blogger already, and sent jessa my story! does that count?

Cami said...

I love that adoption gave my birthdaughter the life I couldn't give her. And open adoption leaves the chance for no questions to go unanswered. I could go on because really I love adoption.

Cami said...

I follow this blog

Cami said...

I joined the r house couture fan page on facebook

Cami said...

I would love to be a guest blogger!

Cami said...

I entered the children's book giveaway.

Maryann said...

1. Adoption is magical - what's not to love? I love that families are created and the hand of God is evident.
2. I joined the R house
3. I follow this blog
4. I was a guest blogger and would be happy to do it again! Send me an email.

Adoptivemomlaurac said...

1. Adoption is Love is everything
2. I am on R house
3. Follow this blog
4. I love to blog and would love to contibute how ever I am needed.
5. This is a wonderful idea and inspiring.
Laura C- Adoption voices- Laura Curthoys-FB

Britney O'Connor said...

1. Adoption is the most bittersweet experience of my life. It has blessed me in so many ways!
2. I joined R House
3. I follow this blog


MrsPerrbear said...

8:20 on Sunday night...LOL. Better late than never....I LOVE adoption, because it has taught me true love, patience, forgiveness, friendship, and above all things appreciation. There are so many things that I will NEVER take for granted again!

MrsPerrbear said...

I follow the R house on Facebook!

MrsPerrbear said...

I religiously follow this blog. The work you do here, and the resources you provide to all are amazing!!!

MrsPerrbear said...

I promoted this on my blog (http://www.notquitejuno.blogspot.com) and on my Facebook Page (anyone who wants to friend me its mrsperrbear@hotmail.com). If I didn't mention it at AV, shame on me...:)

MrsPerrbear said...

And last but not least...I just Guest Blogged last week but would LOVE to do it again in the future!!!

Nicole said...

I love that adoption creates families.

Coley said...

I love that adoption not only doubly blessed my son's life but it doubly blessed my life with friends I never would have met had it not been because I'm a birthmom and they are birthmoms too.

Coley said...

I am a fan of the r house couture.

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