Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Giveaway - 2 childrens books

Two fantastic authors have donated their childrens book with an adoption theme for a fantastic giveaway! I will be giving them away in a set, heres a lil blurb about each one from the authors.
reminder! giveaway is only for birthmothers!

Once Upon a Time
"An adoption Story"
Ashley Hansen Bigler
My name is Ashley Hansen Bigler and I am the author of Once Upon a Time: An Adoption Story. I didn't set out on this journey to become a published author. My main goal was to give my adopted children a voice. I wanted them to know how loved they are by us and by their birth families. When I adopted my first child, I couldn't find a single book that included a birth mother in the adoptoin story. How could there be an adoption story without a birth mother? That's when I decided to get my story in print. This is my daughter's story (she was even the model for the artist to use in the paintings). It is much like most infant/domestic adoption stories. The important thing is to use this book as a way to start the adoption conversation with your child at a very young age. Make changes in the story as it fits your journey. I hope it becomes your child's favorite story!

**** reminder - giveaway is for birthmothers only! want to purchase this book?! of course you do! authors website

The Very Best Thing for TJ

Halene Peterson Dahlstrom
“The Very Best Thing for TJ—an Adoption Option Story and Journal” This story was inspired by our own adoption experience along with that of several family members and friends.
The reasons behind it are:
1. I am an adoptive parent and have lived the experience.
2. I wanted to encourage adoption over abortion.
3. I want to stress the VITAL importance of taking care of the developing child within while pregnant, regardless of the choice to keep or place the baby for adoption.
4. I want people to consider adopting children of all ages, circumstances.
5. I want birth parents who place children for adoption to know they are appreciated.

“The Very Best Thing for TJ” is a picture book and journal. It is recommended for readers age 5+, but should be previewed by an adult first for sensitive content.
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7) If you have guest blogged or regularly blog about adoption somewhere on the internet, include the link.

This giveaway ends on August 8th at midnight!


Bronson Family said...

I just ordered 'Once Upon a Time' on Amazon today! Crazy coincidence.

1) I am on official blog follower.
4) Jessa 'referred' me =)

Kristin B. jkbronson@hotmail.com

Katelyn Krum Shaw said...

Jessa... I sure do think you're great! 1)I'm an official follower of the blog 2) I posted this on facebook! http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/katelynkshaw 7) Cayden's birth mother and I both contribute to a blog for him about his life. Since his adoption wasn't from birth I wanted him to always be able to know the time that was shared with his birth mother.

Megan said...

1. I am now "officially" a follower
2. I blogged about it and posted it to fb
3. Desha refered me
4. I blog about adoption at adoptionfyi.blogspot.com

birthMOM said...

duchess - birthmoms only!
adding the link to the post, to make a purchase if you so choose! thanks for participating though, and we luv your thoughts on your adoption blog! luv you

Alli said...

I met Jessa at the birthfamily social at the fsa conference and she told me about this great blog!

Alli Rutland

Alli said...

My birthday is August 19th! Yay!

Alli Rutland

Alli said...

...and...i blog about adoption.



birthMOM said...

i follow the blog!!

birthMOM said...

i was asked by jessa to help her manage and author on the blog about a year ago!! amazing what her vision has brought forth!!

birthMOM said...

ive guest blogged in a few places.
i like this one i did last nov for ntl adoption month.


Cami said...


Cami said...

My birthdaughter's birthday is 11-11-08

Cami said...


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