Saturday, August 14, 2010

Want a Scholarship for College? Want to help a Birthmom?

Hey guys! I (jessa) have started a new non-profit organization called
Scholarships 4 Birthmothers.

It was created so that birthmoms could get some help for college.

At the start of each semester there will be an application process (starting with the 2011 Spring Semester)

More details will be announced for that later!

For now we need to stock up on scholarships!!

To help raise some funds we are hosting a Yard Sale!

If you are going to donate items that are in usable and great condition for the yard sale please, send an email! 
 Yard sale is in utah, you can mail smaller items if you'd like.
local items can be picked up or you can drop them off.

Check out the blog and Website as well.
(cash donations to the scholarship fund are also a welcome and much appreciated option)

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