Wednesday, September 29, 2010

little moments that last a lifetime

do you remember our giveaway from the r house couture, the birthmother necklace? coley was the winner and she shared the letter and picture below with me the other day. what an amazing memory for her! i luv those lil amazing adoption moments that last a life time. thank you again r house couture for such a great giveaway, and thank you coley for sharing!

also, remember that they do custom inspirational jewelry pieces, if you participated in the giveaway or left your thoughts on this post, be sure to leave a comment with your email addy so you can be sent your r house couture coupon!

Dear r house couture,
I just wanted to take a minute and say THANK YOU for the beautiful necklace I won via the give away at birthmothers4adoption.blogspot.com. I was so excited and even more excited when it arrived just a couple of days before C's birthday. I knew that even though others might forget that it would be his birthday, I'd be honoring him privately all day long by wearing that necklace. 

On his birthday, he came over to my house for dinner and cake as that is our yearly tradition and his Mom was taking a few pictures of us for me. After a few snapshots, C lost interest but his mom still had my camera in her hands so I asked her to snap a close up of the necklace and explained that it was an adoption necklace. C over heard and said that he wanted to see and came over to look at it more closely as I explained what each piece symbolized. His Mom snapped a picture of him looking at it. While you can't see the necklace that great in this picture, I still love it and thought I'd share it with you guys. It was such a special and tender moment!

Thank you again!!
~ Coley

we tried to do something that tied together the entire adoption triad. this is what we thought: the ribbon charm represents being a birth mother and the birth mother's love just like you have on your site. the white pearl came from the white ribbon which represents adoption as a whole and the long charm with the initial at the bottom represents the child with their initial on it.

as an adoption mom, i love the white pearl on there. there are few people more precious than the birth mothers of my boys. there are few women i know who have sacrificed more. white just symbolizes something sacred ...and i needed to express that in this piece. ~mrs r

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