Tuesday, October 19, 2010

damn straight

just now i was making yet another cup of tea to help end my suffering of viral pharyngitis (dr speak for "sore throat") while i study for midterms and i noticed my delish smelling tea bag had a quote/thought on it...

inspiring others towards happiness will bring you happiness.

damn straight it does.
how nice to be justified by my green tea kombucha blend.


Kelsey Stewart, Author said...

HA! I Love that! And with that, hope your throat is better soon!

Bean Sprouts said...

I love this blog.....
I never realized what a great adoption community there is online, especially for us Birth Mommas.

Thank you!

Karine said...

love that... will now put that quote on my new blog. Check it out :) Trying to do just that! :) thanks for sharing! http://makingitnotfakingit.blogspot.com/

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