Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Desha and Jessa- Finally Together Again

The first time we met, according to Jessa (because Desha has no recollection of timeline on such events) was in June 2009 at the LDSFS Birthmom Group mtg in Portland, Oregon. My how far we have come.

Desha: I get a phone call from a caseworker saying that there is a birthmom in town who needs to meet with group, because she meets every week with group. 'Will you please come so we can have a group?' So I thought OK Fine . So I went. [group is pretty much non existent in PDX and consists mostly of me, and i dont usually go because A. im busy and B. i dont really need to go, i will say that it isnt due to lack of trying to get girls to come.] i showed up and there was the foreigner and a birthmom about to pop with twins. i came in, probably late and probably preoccupied. the caseworker wanted us to introduce ourselves and tell our story briefly, which i get sick cuz everyone at pdx knows me, my YouTube vids and my story. i tend to not like repeating myself. so according to my negligent memory, i very briefly said i placed on july 20 of 2008. ((ask jessa if i said anything else.)) we made balloon animals. and the caseworker made strawberry smoothies. i was pretty non chalant and anti social for whatever reason. and then i left. somewhere in between the balloon animals and me leaving i mentioned the blog i had setup for the pdx birthmoms. it was pretty much a bust cuz i made it private which made it difficult for people to log onto and all the girl swore they were blog illiterate when it came to how to post things. so im sure i didnt expound on it to much at grp, cuz i was like 'who cares?' and that was the last i heard of this girl from utah. or so i thought.....

Jessa: I came to PDX to meet my boyfriend's (now husband) parents and being six months in I was doing okay but not really ready to stand on my own about it. I called the PDX LDSFS and asked about group and asked if I could come (I was in PDX for three weeks and wanted to attend once) The caseworker told me when it was and I decided to go (Desha said it was probably a Wednesday) My boyfriend and his mom decided they would come with me and we were off. I got there (quite nervous...) I was introduced to everyone (Desha was eating some kinda take out and there was a redhead who looked like she was gonna EXPLODE.) I heard about Desha's YouTube vids (which I had seen when my eggo was preggo) and then she talked about her blog and I decided to start my own and see if it would help me heal (not expecting it to be at the level it is now). Even though Desh is pretty sure she was super antisocial and kind of a b-r-a-t....she wasn't!  I went home immediately and found Desha on facebook (Desha had given me her name) I added her and then started on my blog. I couldn't figure it out perfectly so I asked her to help me out and maybe write some posts. NOW LOOK AT US GO!

From then until now we have had many a late night convo on Gmail and FB Chat, lots of LMAO and ROFL :), probably hundreds of emails, and some texts here and there.

Desha: I decided a long time ago to come to Utah for the week of thanksgiving, which meant i needed to see my birthmommas. i was completely jealous of mrs r's blue lemon celebration next week, so i decided to make one of my own. i talked to jessa and we orchestrated our event for yesterday. Enter in RUMORED big blizzard. we agonized over whether or not to rescheduled it for today, we finally called it and rescheduled. which was a good thing because we both really almost died driving in the storm even though the rest of the world didn't.

: I was super duper ally ooper excited for Desh to come out so that we could play wicked awesome birthmomma style. I cried a little bit inside when Desha said their was a blizzard coming and we had to cancel. As I was driving home from work and I saw the sun, I feared we had rescheduled for no reason. Then as I was trying to go pick my husband up from work and almost died (a completely different story) I was glad Desha had decided it would be a good idea. Imagine my shock and awe when I found out Utah county didn't even get snow. Oh well it is what is. (Desha almost died getting 'home' to Tooele too.)

So today we sat at Blue Lemon talking with birthmoms sharing wonderful stories (some too wildly inappropriate to mention online.) until we got kicked out for staying an hour past closing (OOPS!) So we decided to break for recess and reconvene in the Speight household where we are now writing this fabulous post (while Desha has a love affair with Jessa's cat aka 'tiny-baby-kitty') and the men are busy playing video games.

We are very sorry for all those who were planning on coming yesterday and couldn’t come today. We encourage you to continue to meet outside of group and therapy settings and have a blast doing awesome friend-like things like the dinner at the blue lemon event. Amen. Happy Adoption Month and Thanksgiving! We love you all! Desha and Jessa-Together Once Again.

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Kelsey Stewart, Author said...

SO THAT is how this all happened? Well, thank goodness that Jessa called to attend that meeting! Your little blogging corner of the world has helped soooooo many women feel welcomed and loved (and I can't forget to mention that it has irritated the trolls as well ... good on ya Mates!) I am thankful today, Thanksgiving Day, that there are two amazing women out there who are willing to bare all, speak all and just open all of themselves so others can have a place to come and feel appreciated!

To Desha and Jessa, I thank you both for your strength, your love and your beautiful Bravehearts!!!!!!!

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