Tuesday, November 9, 2010

jessa asks:

why do you support adoption?

face book answers:
My best friend was adopted. Without adoption I would have no best friend.

Because so many families want children and can't have them on their own. Because adoption isn't an ending... it's a beginning for both the adoptive families, as well as the "first parents" and the child and/or children. "First parents" (Birth parents) who choose adoption are choosing to have the kind of love that God has for his children... Love that can only be defined as agape love. Love that is so selfless and honest and true. Love that is forever. The alternative for some children not placed for adoption is abortion, neglect, and poor living conditions. Adoption is giving a life to a child that every parent wants them to have. Putting your feelings and emotions aside for the sake of your child. Anyone who says adoption is an easy way "out" is obviously ignorant. Birth mothers and fathers are making mothers and fathers to people who can not on their own witness it by themselves. Adoption is a wonderful thing!!

~I believe in second chances.

~i support adoption, because without adoption i wouldnt be who i am today. :) i'd actually probably be dead. adoption is wonderful.

~adoption made me whole, it broke my heart, it gave me a love I have never felt before, it gave me another family to love, it gave me new friends, it gave me more compassion, it makes me mad, it makes me happy, it gives me hope. These are some of the reasons i suppport adoption, especially open adoption.

~I support adoption because it's the miracle that both made me and my birthdaughter's family. I have been so richly blessed, all I can do is support it. Adoption is awesome!

~ For children with disabilities, it can be the best thing to happen to them if the birth parents are ill-equipped to handle it. An adoptive parent can choose the challenge and commit to it. I have seen adopted children at my special ed preschool job who are truly flourishing due to the incredible love, nurture and opportunities their parents give them.

~i need to keep the door open for the person behind me...

~to turn what may seem like a tragic situation to someone with an unexpected pregnancy into a chance for her to make a new family and make her own family bigger as she finds those who will love her as much as the child she share with them.
why do you support adoption?


Amanda said...

The second answer really touches my heart and I personally couldn't have said it better...

I support adoption because abortion wasn't an option for me, and raising a child in the circumstances I was in at the time didn't seem fair to the child, and because there was someone else who could give him more than I could ever at that time. And because I never really felt like he was mine to raise, like he was meant for some other family. I support adoption because it is a loving selfless act, and I want to help people see that adoption isn't all bad.

birthMOM said...

Carrie said:

I love adoption because adoption has blessed me with my daughter, blessed with me with her birthfamily, and made my heart expand in ways I never knew it could!

Britney O'Connor said...

I support adoption because it gave me hope. I felt completely lost and depressed- adoption gave me the peace of knowing my daughter would be raised in the home I could have only imagined for her. It gave me a whole new family to love, it gave me the option to have a daughter- but have her be in the most loving, happy environment as possible. Adoption helped me become the woman I am today.

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