Saturday, December 18, 2010

FAB-ulous article

5 things that i (birthMOM) love love love about this article:

"Taren Rucker isn’t sad, although some people might claim she has reason to be. Rucker placed her baby boy for adoption and, two years later, says she’s never regretted the decision." 

"Was it hard to place? No. It was sad. But is it hard to be a single mom every day? Yes.”

"The only regret she has is that Jordyn doesn’t have what Jaxson now has — a mom and dad at home and siblings."

".... she’s at peace because she knows she did the best thing for him."

"I can’t relate to other birth moms,” she said. “I don’t cry about it or beat myself up. It didn’t take me long to realize that being a birth parent doesn’t mean you have to be sad or give up your life.

please feel free to indulge in the wonderfulness of this article that interviews taren rucker, single parent to a daughter and birthmother to a son! 

gogogo open adoption! gogogo positive birthmothers! 

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