Sunday, March 6, 2011


There is going to be an !AWESOME! Families Supporting Adoption (FSA) conference in Colorado!

Kelsey Stewart is one of my favorite peeps EVA!! She wrote an AWESOME CHILDREN'S BOOK! and she is one of my fellow Kool-Aid Drinkers . Kelsey will be the keynote speaker for this FAB event!

Hope to see lots of you there.


CCmomma said...

birth parents get in free and the price for AP's just dropped to 10.

Janessa said...

Cheap flights to denver right now!!!

Risa said...

I have a dumb question. Do you know the advocacy ribbon color for birthfathers? A very pro-adoption birthfather asked me about this the other night. When I told him I didn't know of one, he felt left out. He was just as much involved in the placing of his child and deserves just as much recognition! Thanks :-)

birthMOM said...

its pink, the ribbon awareness color is for birthPARENTS, but since fathers are so rarely positively involved, it gets defaulted to birthmothers, just like everything else in regards to adoption.

not sure how to make the pink more manly, he can always do white for adoption in general if he doesnt want to wear pink!

birthMOM said...

from facebook:

waiting to get her book in the mail!!! have a great time.

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