Wednesday, April 6, 2011

and its all because of you.....

I have had 2 people ask me this week, "Isn't it hard to still have contact with your birthdaughter?" (now, it was getting brought up because I was going on endlessly about how excited I am to see Josie and her awesome family)

This is such an easy question for me to answer, NOPE!

Yes, at first it was tough. I was seeing a child that I carried in my HUMONGOUS belly for 9 months. Right after I placed her for adoption, I had several nights where I what-if'd all the what-ifs I could.
But I had to mature, heal, and be honest with myself.

It's truly getting easier to do that as time goes on.

I would not be who I am today without Josie.

I would not be confident. I would not know what strength I had. I would not know how I truly felt about my religion. I would not be married to the most amazing man in the whole wide world. I would be hanging out with the wrong people. I would be doing who knows what, who knows where. Basically, I would be a mess.

I have said it soooo many times: Josie saved me. She is an angel sent from God. I am sure of it. POSITIVE! I tell ya. Everytime I look into those beautiful eyes or hear her say my name, I am thankful. Thankful that she changed my life for the better.
Josie girl, its all because of you!

(for clarification purposes, I am not of asian descent. I just have very squinty eyes.)


Diana of Diana Rambles said...

Oriental is old-fashioned term that refers to things, not people. Asian is the proper term to use.

Anonymous said...

Jessa- I love you girl! You are amazing!

jodilee0123 said...

Beautiful beautiful beautiful!

Emily and Dan Adopt said...

She is adorable! if we plan their wedding now.... Dawson keeps sneaking in our room at night and so we explained, that he slept in his bed and we sleep in ours. He asked why Dan and I get to sleep together? We told him it is because we are married. Now he is all concerned about finding a WIFE. He's 4. Seriously!

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