Thursday, July 14, 2011


As a birthparent, birthgrandparent, even adoptee or adoptive couple......

What is your favorite way to give back?

What way was the most helpful for you?

Where did you receive the most help from others giving back (i.e. group, blogs, etc)

Please comment, and only comment if you are okay with it being in a class!

Thanks LOVE you all!

Hope to see you at the FSA national conference in Layton, Ut. Also there will be a girl's nite hosted by The R House on Thursday nite before the conference!


birthMOM said...

how do you give back?
you get off your ass, stop crying about it, recognize that you made this choice- even if you were 'coerced' it was still your choice to sign the papers - no one elses hand scrawled your name on the line, accept the peace and empowerment that comes naturally with self realization and go out into the world and make some sort of a difference.

k said...

I love being able to give back when it's not expected. There have been countless times in 2 years that I've been involved in conversations where someone, not knowing I've placed, has mentioned adoption. It's been amazing to be able to say "I've been there... and this is the part of my story that I feel applies to you."

I do, also, love being able to go back to group. It's great to see new people just starting out on the adoption process, and being able to share bits and pieces of my story.

I have ALSO been able to do classes with prospective adoptive couples (the first one through LDSFS they have to attend). I also spoke at a conference for Northern Utah church leaders, which let me share the 'church leader support' side of being single and pregnant. That was a unique experience.

The most help I received was group. I went EVERY week when I was pregnant, and it was SO nice to be able to look at others who had been where I was then, and to see that they got through it. I knew I could too if they did!

k said...

PS! I'd LOVE if you added my blog to your blog roll! :) 100letterstoyou.blogspot.com

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