Friday, February 10, 2012


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I wrote an amazingly eloquent and politically correct post in my head on the two hours drive home with a screaming baby in my backseat....but i have only gotten 7 hours of sleep total in the past 4 days, and the only time i have spent with my husband this week either the baby has been crying or I have so here is what i have to say in the plainest way possible.

This week was awful. i was publicly torn apart from head to toe. it made me feel small, it made me feel like dirt,i threw up multiple times over it, i sat on my couch and literally cried for hours over it. Never in my life have i thought so very seriously and had to talk myself out of suicide. I wrote M. (the one who wrote the post) PERSONALLY!!!!! asking her to please take it down. Guess what? she did.. it is amazing what can happen when people act as adults. She also issued a public apology. I thought everything was water under the bridge. Until about 2 hours ago when i found out another post was written about me. because apparently some people in the honor of me felt it necessary to harass M.


This post written this week affected my family. it was unfair to them to have to deal with it. As an adult we know that the Golden Rule rings true. How the heck can i expect M. and I to work things out and have her understand where i am coming from if people are doing the same thing to her. Leave her family alone, leave her alone.

There is enough friggin war (i am trying so hard to hold back any profanity) in the world. Yes Adoption is controversial. lets just all agree to disagree. some of us are happy about it some of us are not. Get over it. I will always stand up for my adoption. it is my story and always will be.

Please let us all just be nice. no one deserves to be harassed and made to feel like i felt this week. No one deserves to feel low. and Most importantly innocent bystanders like M's family and birthdaughter Definitely do not need to harassed either.

If you have been rude to M please please apologize.

If you have something awful to say to me....first think if it can go without saying, if it needs to be said, Email me for goodness sakes. that way i can respond to it in a thoughtful manner rather than feel like i need to be on defense.

Now i am going to attempt to sleep, hopefully my attempts will not prove futile.

Peace, Love, Chik Fil A.


Amanda said...

I love you! I'm so sorry for all that's come from this. I hope my apology for any negative roll I could have played may have also been heard. Despite the differences in beliefs I think in the end both you and M really are caring people just trying to get your story heard in your own way. There are truths and non truths to both sides of the story but i think when all is said and done we can only learn from each other. I know... I continue to preach.

Just know I love you and support you. Always have. Always will.

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