Friday, May 18, 2012

Lindsay-From TLC's Birth moms

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Lindsay reached out to me and when i asked her if shes like to be interviewed she agreed! i think she is a good person. So please let us support her not berate her. Look for when we interview the other girls from the show coming soon :)

How long ago did you place?
i placed a month ago

What gender of baby did you have?
 i had a girl 
What is her name?
 Her name is phoebe

Why did you choose adoption?
 i chose adoption because i was in a horrible situation and felt she deserved better i love the family i chose

How did you choose the couple
the couple i chose was the first profile i looked at and i love them Idk how

Is your adoption open or closed?
 i have a very open adoption, I spent a week with Her after I signed {the papers} now its pictures until we set up a visit 

How do you think TLC did? Any changes you wish they made?
 tlc i guess it was good. i wish that i was portrayed as a young woman that was scared but trying to be strong for both of my daughters

How do you feel about The Adoption Center of Choice that you placed through?
 i hate the agency i want to open my own they are corrupt.  the agency didn't do crap but leave us in those apartments until TLC was there. They did not counsel us or do groups activities and now that I placed they treat me like crap I still haven't gotten any counseling. i would never go through that agency again it was horrible.

What is the hardest part of adoption?
The hardest part is knowing Im only Her birth mom, no longer Her mom 

What would you say to all birthmoms?
 no matter what ppl say at the end of the day we became heroes.


Anonymous said...

Wow.... I cant believe that she has not had counseling or anything YET. THis should have been going on prior to placement, during placement, post placement... why?!?

breezee said...

I'm a birthmom too and I'm so sorry that on top of everything you already were faced with, you had to do it in such an environment. you ARE a hero.

breezee said...

As a fellow birth mom, I am so sorry you had to face such hardships in an environment like this center. You are a Hero!!

Families Hoping to Adopt said...

It takes a lot of courage, strength and love to do what you have done. May you have the joy that comes with still being able to see you girl grow up. I love adoptions these days and how communication can be more open.

Shane, Meg, CJ, RJ, and AL said...

That was fast! LOL

Let me preface this comment by saying that I didn't see the show, but I watched my Facebook feed light up with surprise and disgust at TLC's portrayal and ACOC's practices as the show aired. I am an adoptive mom and an open adoption advocate (when openness is positive and healthy and available for all involved). It makes me sad that birth moms were not portrayed in the best possible light. Lindsay, I believe you are courageous and loving and strong for choosing adoption for your daughter! I wish you the best in the future and much happiness sharing an open adoption with your baby girl and her adoptive parents!

Anonymous said...

I want to thank Lindsay for sharing her story. I did see her as a strong women who was trying to do the best she could for her children. I have such an admiration for all the birth mothers out there. I come from a family that has adopted children and my heart goes out to the women that blessed us with their children.
I am sad for that she did not get post placement counseling and had such a tough experience. I hope that she can accomplish her goal someday and open her own agency that can take care of birth mothers.

Mel said...

Thank you for sharing this...as a prospective adoptive mother I couldn't take my eyes off this show. My husband and I both went through a slew of thoughts and feelings about what we saw. What a strong baby-momma to answer follow up questions! There are a lot of us out there that understand not everything is shown in a one hour segment, but also could still appreciate how strong everyone involved ultimately is.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Lindsay! I think the honesty about how the agency really treated you is ridiculous and I am glad you stood up and said something. Expectant mothers looking into adoption need to know that agencies/lawyers give a lot of false promises. I've been there. ((hugs)) to you.

Lindsey from The R House said...

That last line is POWERFUL.

It stirred my soul.

Sterling Bo said...

I agree with Mrs. R... the last line made me catch my breath. I have yet to see the show, but I am grateful for the honesty in this interview. <3

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