Saturday, May 12, 2012

our very own birthmom day

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a week ago friday, jessa and i had a pdx wanderlust day. whenever one of us ventures to the others' state, we make cupcakes happen. jessa was introduced to saint cupcake in downtown pdx.
lemon yumminess, salty captain, and pumpkin spice.
i really liked the salt caramel chocolate combo of the salty captain!
after lots of chatting with another amazing birth mom, and a fantastic adoptive mom -be sure and catch her post on loving a birthmother on monday, and making sure B and mina became well acquainted...
mina 4 months and B is 13 months. they arent so sure whats going on, not to mention the three of us laughing hysterically at all the cute faces they kept making! 'how long is this going to last mom?!'
...we started wandering the streets of portland. we started out with one of the popular food cart pods and devoured our 'whole bowl'. delish even if it is vegetarian. 

then we made an appearance at pioneer square. famous happenings include the xmas bomb threat and occupy portland, as well as many flashmob events.
you can tell a local vs a tourist based on whether or not they are carrying an umbrella. 
TA DA!!! 
we enjoyed the awesome architecture of pdx and made our way over to portlandia, the second largest bronze statue in the country, smaller to only the statue of liberty. she is on top of the portland city building and has a hand extended to welcome you in.
crap lighting thanks to the huge building behind me creating a shadow. 

we wandered through the park blocks- a strip of downtown city full of grass and trees, dotted with park benches, fountains, art, statues, gardens, and lined by gorgeous old churches, the art museums, several concert halls and performing arts buildings, restaurants, small businesses, and apartment buildings.

jessa was impressed that this drinking ftn was created with dogs and their need for water in mind. "only in portland!"
i think i might have said i wouldnt post this one... oh well! 
then we hit up the amazing supplement store that carries every known supplement, vitamin, mineral, healthy hair/skin/oil, digestive aid, homeopathic, health oriented thing etc that you could ever imagine youd need, all at wholesale price or below!

we ended our journey at powells books, its one of those 'largest in the world or country' type of things, the book store in an entire city block. if you count all the satellite stores in portland metro, its unbelievably huge. we enjoyed the childrens area for a bit while i enlightened mina with one of the best childrens story books ever to be written, her lil 4 month self was completely enthralled thru the entire book! (shes a smart one that mina!)
the secret is in the voices/accents i use 

so that was our very own awesome birthmoms day. we caught up on each others lives, i got to meet mina outside of the womb, we ate good food, caught each other up on the latest adoption gossip, talked conferences and other adoption events, laughed a crapton, and had a fabulous time making fun of ourselves while exploring new things ie the ftn photo.

today we are celebrating with other birthmoms in our respective locales, jessa in utah and i am up in Seattle area for a fabulous brunch with some on my favorite women.

happy birthmothers day to you! enjoy the celebration- you deserve it! adoption luvs from us to you.
yep, it rained on us, but thats all part of the portland experience! 

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Mary said...

How fun! Cute babies & delish-looking cupcakes. Happy Birthmother's Day!

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