Monday, June 18, 2012

question from a reader

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question from a reader:
birthmoms - are there any of you out there that chose parents for your child, 
and then it turns out, 
you dont really like the adoptive mom? 
as in, youd never really care to be her friend- not that shes a bad or mean person, you just dont like her. not suggesting that that changes the feelings towards the adoption in general. 

great question! cant wait to see the responses. feel free to answer anon! 


Anonymous said...

I'm very curious to read responses as I think my daughter's fist mom feels this way about me. I had such high hopes we would be close and have that ideal relationship that I know we both wanted but it turns out that we are so incredibly different. Our personalities are about as opposite as you can get. I accept her for who she is, but she wants me to be more like her so I will raise our daughter the way she would have. I don't think she'll ever accept me for who I am and it breaks my heart because it is such a stumbling block between us.

etropic said...

Oh DESHA! This one is soooooo perfect for me! Let me take this one will ya'?

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