Sunday, June 16, 2013

To The Fathers...

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I think so many times in cases of infertility and sterility people forget about the Fathers. Everyone focuses on the deep heartache the mother may experience....What about the Fathers.

For me the person I connected with most at first while choosing a couple was a father.

A father is who i couldn't be. A father is the role I couldn't play. Josie's dad is an amazing dad and i look up to him in so many ways.

I would hope that the fathers in waiting are not forgotten. They may not outwardly show it by bawling every time someone says the word "baby" (which i did plenty of right after placing Josie). They may not feel or act offended when all they talk about in church today is the importance of being a father. But they are still important. They may still be feeling hurt, distraught, or hopeless.

Whether you just found out you can not conceive or you are waiting to adopt, you are important.

I have many father figures i have looked up to during my life. Several of them did not yet have children. They were there for me. Always willing to help. Chances are, someone you know looks up to you as a father figure whether they are your child or not.

So hold strong. Know you are loved. Your time will come. My prayers are with you.

Happy Father's Day!!

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