Thursday, February 19, 2015

I needed to blog it.

In November at the retreat in San Diego, I met a birth mother named "C". She is an incredible being. She placed around 5 years ago. 

At the retreat we do this thing I learned while working at an ED clinic. We went around and did something called "Rose, Thorn, Bud". I changed it around to work for the retreat. Each attendee says something that was the best part of the retreat (Rose), The hardest part of the retreat (Thorn), and what they look forward to doing/changing after the retreat (Bud). It is my favorite part because I learn what to change for next time and what made a difference. During this exercise "C" Stops before she does hers. The following conversation happened, (paraphrasing)

C: (to me) Wait, what is your full name?

Me: Jessalynn

C: When I placed my couple gave me this card (pictured below). I never looked up the information on it. I just looked at the words (Birthmothers 4 Adoption) and I knew there were other birthmoms out there. 

C had carried this card in her wallet for 5 years. 

This card means so much to me. 

I started blogging a bit after placing Josie for adoption. It helped me work through my feelings. birthMOM came on and helped me grow the blog. When I moved to Pleasant Grove, Utah, I decided to make some business cards. I bought 100 on zazzle for around 25 bucks. I would go to the farmers market, pay for a booth and hand out information and my business cards about adoption. Then I had friends help me out and do my first adoptive couple retreat in a tiny little cabin in Heber. 

When I was planning that conference I sent my friend Lindsey an email telling her I just wanted to make a difference. She told me to just keep trying. 

I love what my friends along the way have done for me. I am glad I spent lots of my own money to do things I believed needed to be done. I love adoption. I love the birth mothers, Adoptive couples, and adoptees I meet through adoption. 

Thank you C for reminding me that even if i may not know it, I can make a difference.  

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