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Answers from the lovely birthmothers:
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 11. Do any birthmothers out there have any ideas for me to cherish my memories of all the pictures I have of my birthdaughter???

Scrapbooks and journals are great, make a website honoring her, a locket you wear, a piece of jewelry, a picture in your house of her/him.  I have a ring with Anna’s birthstone in it.

I have been making a scrapbook. I made a scrapbook for the adoptive family of me and the birth father growing up so that way when Olivia is old enough she can look through and see whose eyes and nose she has. I did take some professional pictures when Olivia was 2 weeks old and I'm putting those in frames. You can buy a digital photo frame if you have pictures are the computer of you and your birthdaughter and put them on a memory card and put the memory card in the digital photo frame and watch it like a slide show. Or make a video of the pictures. Scan them onto your computer and put music to it.

Make a scrapbook! :)

There are tons of great online digital scrapbooking sites, and most of them will help you print out the pages for the book, etc. Some will even do a really neat, nice, hardcover scrapbook that’s all bound and everything. Snapfish is a great way to go as well! Just google it.

scrapbooking, if not put them in a pretty album, also they have shadow boxes which are fun.

Since I've had my birthdaughter, I also have been married and a son who is 15 months younger than my birth daughter. I decided I wanted to make my son a baby scrap book and journal, and I am doing the same with my Birth Daughter as well, I hope that she and I can look through it one day and talk about how positive of an experience it has been for us.

I think making a photo album, scrapbook or memory box are all great ideas for cherishing this special time.  I myself made a scrapbook that I LOVED looking at whenever I needed to, but especially on my son’s birthday each year.  That is how I celebrated his birthday.

Shadow box along with some items you cherish. Make a scrapbook.

To cherish pix....depends on how much $ u have. u can pay someone to make scrapbooks for u. or have them put on disk in a slideshow with music. or just have a pecial photo box/tote for all of ur memories.

When my little girl was a couple weeks old, her adoptive mother send me a scrapbook of all of picture from the pregnancy to the present time.  It was spiral bound so it was literally a book and the pictures are not taped, they are printed off.  She went through a company called snapfish.  Anyway, that would be my recommendation.

I have pictures up all over my room… and I’m working on a scrapbook.  There are all sorts of neat photo crafts you can make… some google searching would probably turn up some awesome ideas!

I made a scrapbook of pictures from pregnancy, face-to-face, hospital time, and then the updates from the family. Looking at this got me through my first 6 months after placement. Plus it was a good distraction, since I had a project to work on.
I have seen photobooks made on shutterfly.com and I think thats a great idea as well!
I also made a collage of pictures of her at the hospital with me, while she was still in my care. I cherish this pictures the most! The collage is large and still on my wall, even after I got married!

~other than scrapbooking?

Get one of those video picture frames that plays a slide show of all of the pictures you have. Make a scrapbook. Or have a special box with your memorandoms (I keep like the blanket I have that matches one of his, a stuffed animal, and some other things that are too large to scrapbook in a special box). I think it depends on how open you want to be about your adoption with other people. I decided to do these things. I keep the scrapbook and photo albums with all of my other scrapbook and photo albums on our bookshelf in our front room. I also have a few books about adoption on the book shelf.

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