Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the perfect piece of jewelry - do tell!

july and august are going to be months of celebration for jessa and myself.

why you ask?
2 yr old birthdays and 2 yr placement anniversaries!! 

to celebrate the birth of our children and their adoptions, we are going to be hosting several giveaways that are exclusive for birthmothers! (thats right, only birthmothers are going to be able to enter these giveaways!!)

we have some great donations but im not going to tell you what they are just yet!
(if you want to contribute or donate a giveaway please email me asap, deshawood at gmail dot com)

BUT i will hint at just one for now..... please check out the r house couture etsy shop. they have quite the shop of adoption themed hand made lovelies - bracelets, necklaces, earrings, t shirts, etc

take a look at their pieces, read the descriptions, the sentiments, the reasons they chose to make the pieces they did, get a feel for their style and their creations..... then..... come back to this post and tell us what you think the perfect birthmother necklace/jewelry would look like, what shapes, what colors, what sentiments, what wordings, what would it 'look' like, what would it represent, what would it 'feel' like. be specific, use details, be creative. remember they are fabulous with incorporating custom ideas.
the three lovely ladies (one two three) behind therhouse couture creations want to know! (hint hint wink wink)

the sooner we get some feedback to therhouse couture, the better, so hurry and look thru the shop and then share your ideas here!

jessa and i are excited and hope you are too!!
this summer is going to be fabulous!!


debs life said...

I love the necklaces and bracelets especially. I think it'd be great to be able to custom make the necklaces to say the names of our birthchildren, and maybe also the children we have after. So, the option could be to have the birthmother purchase it for herself, or the adoptive couple purchase one for the birthmom.

I have ordered a similar necklace from a place called "Hearts on your Wrist" and I have a necklace that has my son and husband's name on it. I'd love a necklace that had my birthdaughter, and two sons along with my husband's name on those little circle tags. The shirts are adorable! The key chains are really fun. The earrings are great, etc.

debs life said...

P.S. Maybe a pendant necklace with the birthchild's name and birthstone?

MrsPerrbear said...

{Roots and Wings}

As a birthmother, sometimes I feel those two gifts are the only things I will ever be allowed to bestow on my child. When she left, I sent a piece of my heart with her, and I will never be far should she ever decide to ask questions. Her life has touched mine so greatly, and I work hard to touch others around me because of her (thus the roots). My decision to place her will also hopefully allow her to have joys and opportunities that I could have never provided. May she know far less heartache, and much greater happiness than I (thus the wings).

My ideal piece of R House inspired jewelry would be a double circle necklace (the kind that stack on top of each other and one is smaller than the other) with two little stones adorning it, one in pink and one in white. The tags would say, "Give But Two Things" (though I dont know if that would fit) on the small one, and "Roots and Wings" on the other. The stones would be pink and clear crystal (or white) and would serve two symbolic purposes. The first is simple...she is a girl, and was born in April, so its her birthstone. The second would be that pink represents birthmothers and white represents adoption according to the awareness ribbons. On the back, I would engrave her birthday 4-5-9. And of course finished with a 1MM sterling silver bead ball chain in either 16”, 18” (standard) or 20” with sterling silver findings and study sterling clasp. And I would want the 16 inch...lol. These would probably actually sell pretty well, and they could even be customized with blue stones for those that had boys.

As it is now, I wear a small rhinestone heart with wings necklace every day (its in every single picture I have ever taken since then) , that I bought right before my one and only visit with my child. It cost a whopping $6.00, though I have spent the last year looking for a "real" one that I could have her birthday engraved on. I never take it off and its falling apart. What should I expect for $6.00 right? LOL. I find myself touching it a lot throughout the course of some days, and it always serves as a quiet reminder of what she will have now. I have yet to find one similar, so if anyone sees one anywhere...let me know.

Lindsey from The R House said...

i love this. xoxox

Coley said...

I would love to see a bracelet. A bracelet that could be added to each year (sorta like a charm bracelet) would be super cool. First charm could have babies name and birthdate. Second year maybe a tiny foot stamped and so on......

Katelyn Krum Shaw said...

Simple... mind would be a longer necklace... heart shaped... saying... forever in my heart!

maren out my laundry said...

I have been looking for something that represents the creation of the wonderful family that came from me placing my little boy for adoption. I have a 6 year old daughter as well and I was so lucky to place with a wonderful family where we have a fully open adoption. They are like family to us, I would love something that represents the joining of 2 families both birth and adoptive family!

suzie said...

A heart, stamped with "A piece of my Heart" with his name on the back.

Kelsey Stewart, Author said...

Look at Perrbear go! You go woman! I love ya~!

No way to compete with that Mr Petterman description, So I wont even try! I would go with Enjoy the Journey, 14" but customize it with 1 pink bead and 4 blue beads...all my loves, of course!

birthmom07 said...

My idea of a perfect piece of jewerly that would signify both my child & myself would a pendant with the initial of my child. Along with this pendant I would also have a tiny lock.I would also include a bead in the shape of a heart representing my child's birthstone. These 3 items would be inside a small glass shaped heart. For my child I would make the same piece but use my initial & my birthstone & I would exchange the lock with a key. This signifies that I always have his heart but he has the key to mine...

birthMOM said...

spoke with therhouse couture this am.... and i got a glimpse!! they have created something fabulous!! but you gotta wait a bit, sorry, though i promise it will be worth it!

birthMOM said...

to all those who commented:
the r house couture wants to thank you for sharing your thoughts!


you can reach me at deshawood at gmail dot com

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