Thursday, July 15, 2010

About our LOGO Winners!!

Michelle-1st place!
I have to tell you that I am so honored to have won. I love your site, and am hoping I'll get to guest blog at some point. As for my logo idea,
I loved the idea of a pink awareness ribbon with the heart in the middle of it, because so much of adoption is based on love, and becoming and surviving as a birthmother is such a monumental decision. It really does mean to have a piece of your heart walk without you, and I don't think people on the outside always realize that. It certainly could use some awareness raised. The wings were easy....if you've read my comment on the R House Jewelry, you know how strongly I feel in giving my placed child "roots and wings". Combine them all together, and you have my logo. :)

As for me, I do write a blog. You can find it at http://www.mrsperrbear.blogspot.com. It's called "Not Quite Juno-My Adoption Story". I write my crazy story down in spurts, share pet peeves, reflections, have a rant session once in a while, and basically use it as cheap therapy. I don't get to hear from too many birthmothers, but I do have a lot of adoptive parent fans. Go figure.  I am a Mommy to four other children, three of which I have full time and one that visits during the summer.

I also helped matchmake an adoption in June this year. One of my friends became pregnant, and asked me for help. She matched with a wonderful couple from Adoptionvoices.com and they are all doing well. I am very proud of that, for what its worth.

My own situation goes from good to bad to good, but I never lose sight of the beautiful blessing that adoption can be.

Kelly-2nd Place
I used the pink and brown because they create a great combination. I wanted to to look elegant to represent the elegance of birthmoms and their journey.
Kelly is a stay at home wife, married to her husband, Will, for 6 years. They have struggled with infertility for 5 years and are now trying to adopt their first child. She spends much of her time online, blogging about infertility, adoption, and serving others at Giving What I Am, her online journal, and also doing graphic design to raise money for her adoption at Modern Blitz Designs.

Megan-3rd Place
I chose the pink heart to represent birth mothers and the incredible love that they have for their children. From the very center of that heart extends gracefully a heart shaped leaf which represents a child. It is white for adoption. I chose a heart shaped leaf because birthmothers' extend a part of their own heart, and one of the precious leaves from their personal family tree when they make and adoption plan. www.adoptionfyi.blogspot.com

prizes: 1st place gift certificate to spa
2nd place gift certificate to bed bath and beyond
3rd see second place

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Kelsey Stewart, Author said...

Every one of you is fabulous! Fantastic submissions, and loved meeting you afterwards! Thank you for sharing, and as always...Juno, Not Quite My Adoption Story is a fantastic read!

Great idea ladies to find your logo! I love how you always support all the beautiful birth mothers out there! Cheers to you all!!!!

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