Thursday, July 15, 2010

Where do you feel safe?

Today I realized something new about myself. First though, I need to give a little bit of a back story.

I am super outgoing! I love to talk to people and make new friends. Sometimes it is hard to get me to be quiet. I love to try new things and go on new adventures. I will talk to ANYBODY.

I used to go to group in Logan, Utah. I love my group there. I felt SO close to almost all of the birthmoms I met there. We used to all go to dinner together, we hung out. Wednesday was group day. I loved that day more then anything in the world. It didn't matter what else happened I could vent at group. I was in a place where I felt loved, like I had friends, and I could say anything I was feeling. The day I left Logan I cried mostly because I didn't want to leave my birthmom friends.

Now I just moved and I started going to another group. Today was my first day. I felt so weird. So different and out of place. I was horrified. I wanted so badly to talk and say how I was feeling but I was nervous to hurt anybody's feelings. I wanted to just make a friend that I could share how I was feeling to. I couldn't. I felt totally alone. It was really tough on me.

I realized that my safe place was in Logan. At group. Amongst my friends that knew me for who I was, understood my situation, and would be there to give me a hug when I needed it. I realized my safe place now is at home with Wes and most of the time on my blog here.

So I was curious for everyone else to answer this. Where is your safe place? Email me your answers or comment below!

Thanks guys for letting this be a safe place for me to share! I appreciate all of you who read this blog! Jessa


birthMOM said...

i guess mine would be my private blog, i cant share much publicly unfort! (message me if you want an invite to ever read it)

also my safe haven is in park city UT at mother wendys house. if anyone ever needs a safe spot, you can find it there, she welcomes all birthmothers and really anyone who just needs some mother love!!

Sean and Sierra said...

My safe place is with my husband. I can always tell him exactly how I feel about placing, without holding back.

MrsPerrbear said...

My safest place is my blog. It is mine, and because of that I can vent away without any worries. The comments are usually pretty insightful, and it was through there that I got to meet the great Desha and Kelsey. Both have been shining examples of "successful" birthmoms; meaning those who had positive outlooks on their adoptions, despite the balance of good and bad. Desha's private blog is great, and Kelsey's is one of the most inspirational things I have ever read. She also wrote an amazing book called "The Best For You" that should be a prerequisite purchase in every adoption.
As far as where I go for support, Adoptionvoices.com is a great site once you get to know the women there. Everyone shares their stories, their highs and lows, and the nightly chat has been a lifesaver on more than one occasion. I have my own "Fab 5" there that I love with my whole heart.

Kelsey Stewart, Author said...

My Happy Place is right here, in my home in front of my computer. Why? Just look at Ms Perr's response...she is THE BEST STALKER EVER! She is right, there are people on this big world wide computer that just comfort me, show me that what I have done in the past is a part of me and always will be! I love talking adoption because for YEARS I traveled alone, no one else to chat with. Now, there are so many voices that I have come into contact with, such as your site and the amazing women who are here, and it is in these pages, these blogs, these stories that I feel comfort and safety. Encouragement comes in all forms, but when that encouragement comes from those that have traveled the same road, that is when you see your true self worth!

I thank YOU for being YOU!

Anonymous said...

I feel safe being around my family and friends. They have been my main support and will always be.

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