Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Meeting with the Big Wigs!!

Hey guys!! So I have a meeting with a couple important people from a couple of different adoption agencies. I am going to voice my opinion on a few things I find errors in when it comes to their programs.

Here are some of the things I will be talking about:

1) Create a post-placement group.- Reasoning being that so many birthmothers are helped out so much before they place and then kind of expected to find their own way after. This is not done out of mal-intent by the agencies, it is more they aren't sure how to help. I think creating a post-placement group it will help those who are grieving and need support from others who are in the same boat.

2) Open adoption- I love open adoption! However I do not think that it is right the way that some agencies make it seem like the only way to have an adoption. I also think that there are different levels to an open adoption. Sometimes agencies get stuck in REALLY CLOSED or REALLY OPEN. I think they should explain to the birthmothers there are different degrees of both. Then I also think that those adoptive couples should sit down and write the plan out so they have it to fall back on!!

There are many other things I will be talking about!! If there is something you would like said you can either post a comment or email me!! I would love to hear your ideas!!

Now for a quote:

Ralph Waldo Emerson

I think this one is very self explanatory. I feel this same way. I think to receive respect you need to give it. This does not mean you cannot disagree. It simply means to recognize the fact you have differing opinions and move on. I understand that adoption is and always will be very controversial. I get called all kinds of names. I can handle your opinion, what I can't handle is being disrespected and threatened. If what I did was so wrong let God handle it when I go to him again. It is not anyone elses job to tell me I am a bad person for what I did. I understand and respect that every one has a different situation. This site was created out of good intent, trying to share my story and many others. It was created to reach out and answer any questions from my viewpoint. I know that I indeed am not the only one who chose to place and I know without a doubt in my mind, unwavering, it was the right choice for my beautiful baby girl. Know one can ever change that conviction in my mind. NO ONE. I would gladly die if thats what it came down to to stand up for what I believe in. I know God stands behind me in my decision, I know many other people stand behind me in my decision. I AM NOT AFRAID. I WILL NOT BE MOVED. I AM A ROCK IN MY BELIEFS. Thank you to those who have shown and undying and unwavering support as well.

I love you all

God Bless



Karine said...

Don't worry about others who think any different than you do! I am so glad to hear that you stand firm on what you chose to do, as you should :) NO ONE can say you were wrong or right... but YOU! :) You make your choices for yourself and as long as you are happy and content and know for yourself it was the right choice, that is all that matters! Your an amazing and strong woman! Don't think otherwise.
I love your ideas for the adoption agency! Sounds like you are going to change the world or at least make a good dent :) YOU GO GIRL!
I cheer you on all the way. I stand behind you and I support you.
I think this blog is amazing and so needed. I have many birth mother friends that I have refered this blog to. They enjoy it and find great comfort in what your doing. Don't let ANYONE tell you different. If those reading it don't like, they don't have to read it. Just my thought.
Your amazing! God is with you!

Tera Berbrich said...

Thank you! I totally agree with you on the help. I ended up losing my apartment cause I couldn't find a job in time for when the help ended. Plus I could work right away cause I hadd a C-Section. I also think they need to have more support groups. With my agency I loved them until it all ended and then once the baby came i wasn't needed and my needs were pushed off. I didn't get the counseling they promised. I'm thankful to have found your website and now maybe I can finally start the healing process. Thank you thank you thank you!

Jessalynn said...

Your welcome Tera!! Feel free to email me to talk further!! God bless you!!

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