Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Temporary Home

(Note:This contains religious related content, it is not meant to offend or push religion on anyone)

I was feeling really down the other day about life, when I feel that way I usually listen to some good ol country...ridiculous I know... anyway a Carrie Underwood song came on and it really helped me out. I know how some people get annoyed with over analyzing lyrics but I really loved the chorus.

-Temporary Home-

"This is my temporary Home

It's not where I belong

Windows and rooms that I'm passin' through

This was just a stop,on the way To where I'm going

I'm not afraid because I know

this was My temporary home."

(are any of you rolling your eyes about my over-analyzation yet...if so stop reading here)

I got to thinking, Even though things may be hard at this moment, this is just a temporary stop on the way to live with God. Our trials are so miniscule compared to the amount of time we will be spending with our Heavenly Father after this life. I don't know why it struck me so hard at that very moment in the car, listening to my country music, that I realized this life is a short one. We need to learn all we can to become better, otherwise our "Temporary Home" is pointless.

So to put this in an adoption perspective...Whatever part of the adoption process you are going through now (deciding, placed, applying, waiting) remember that "this too shall pass"

I love you all, Thank you for all your support!


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birthmomforever said...

I heard this song for the first time on wendys adoption show recently and it almost made me cry. Love your thoughts on it. It also made me think of going home to God. I liked it too becaue it can help kids in foster care know that they are loved by God and will have a safe permanent home there.

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