Friday, February 26, 2010

giveaway from the r house

no not from us, one day soon, i promise

but for now...

 get your birthmom britches over to the r house and enter the current giveaway! 

its a necklace from the r house couture, found on etsy.com, the sidebar has a link to the shop
the theme of this piece  is come what may... and love it. 
the sentiments are all explained on the r house blog! 

i think the theme is very appropriate for any birthmother, as we all traverse down our life journey post placement, we struggle, we endure, we laugh, we cry, we challenge the world - 'bring it on' and 'look what i can accomplish'.... and hopefully we all come to a place where we can say, 
come what may, and I LOVE IT.
i know i can say that! i hope you can too, even if youre not at the 'loving it' stage yet. 
good luck! 

the r house is a strong positive adoption advocate and warrior and a ginormous positive voice encouraging all to be more loving and supporting of all birthmothers. we need more like the r house. 
thank you r house, we heart you. besos.

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Lindsey from The R House said...

reading this post with the music ...tears!

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