Friday, June 18, 2010

a simple reminder

~~ its easy to be happy. 
i choose to be happy. 
jessa chooses to be happy. 
its ok if you dont choose the same, 
but dont try to convince me/her, 
or anyone else who shares their stories on this blog, 
of otherwise. ~~

i feel it is important to publicly state that everyone is invited to share their experience, but each is simply that- an individual experience, nobody can take that experience away from us or transplant their experience onto someone elses. we all choose to share various snippets at various times of the things we have overcome and learned in the process. if you would like to guest blog i invite you to email me (deshawood at gmail.com) or jessa (BIRTHMOTHERS4ADOPTION @ GMAIL.COM) your story. we would love to post it! 

"I have a voice, and I’ve chosen to use it, for good. I want the world to know that I placed my baby for adoption and I am HAPPY about that choice. I can honestly say that I know I always will be. "

the piece linked above was written by desha aka birthMOM, to help commemorate and celebrate national adoption month (november) 2009 per invitation by the arizona experiment.


MrsPerrbear said...

Well said, Desha! Anyone who has been through it knows its not always perfect, but how it affects our lives is up to us. I for one, have plenty of dark days on a personal level, but I still maintain a very positive outlook on adoption as a whole. And I love to hear other's stories so that I can continue to learn and grow through the experience. I for one, love this blog and very much enjoy it. :)

Karine said...

honestly, hearing how happy you ladies are helps me to know that our birth mother will be ok. I know she will have hard and bad days and I hope our relationship will be good so she can say she is having a hard day and I can have her over. I think knowing your not alone in such a journey has to help and I know that others feel comforted from reading your thoughts and this blog!

Not Just A Birth Mom said...

Well said!
While I know the adoption system is full of flaws, and there seem to be more bad stories than good, I like to think that I am still able to maintain a positive outlook on adoption. I am not happy that I had to place my son for adoption, but I know that there really was no other choice (besides abortion). While I am not glad I am a birth mother, I am glad that I found a good family for him, and that I get to see him regularly. I am glad that he gets a good life, with everything he wants and needs.

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