Friday, July 23, 2010


Hey guys! Just an update! We got 500 Blankets 4 Birthmothers! It was awesome!! However...AMAZINGLY...We have used all of them up! I have been putting them together with mini birthmother baskets etc and the girls are LOVING them!!

So Please if you have any free time send them this way!
email me for my address!!



Anonymous said...
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Jessalynn Speight said...
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Anonymous said...

Middle of Mally blog (listed on the left sidebar) is not a "real" adoption story. It's a girl writing that is in need of attention. VERY VERY SIMILAR TO THIS:


Beccah Beushausen does this about once per year (that we know of, maybe more). She's pretended to give babies up for adoption (never pregnant) and then devastates the couple by saying it died etc at like 39 weeks after they've given themselves to her.

The April Rose saga was a blog she created (with ads) to generate money for herself and to get attention. She wrote about a (fake) pregnancy with a severely deformed child and then "delivered" a baby doll (which is when the blog went down June 9, 2009 because her faithful readers caught on).

Anonymous said...

Not to say that this is Beccah Beushausen. It's just the same type of crap she has pulled in the past.

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