Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Poem

Warning: I am not an amazing poet! I just wanted to share my feeling.

Nine short months I spent with you
many long nights I cried.
I wanted to do right by you
Give you a good life

I was on my knees every night
begging to God above
What I had to do for you
While showing all my love

I met a girl named Aly B
who showed me what was right
She helped me meet your mom and dad
I talked to them that night
From that time on
the adoption journey took flight

When we found you were a girl
I was filled with glee
Two big brothers and a princess
The family was complete

Then came time for you to come
and fill our lives with love
Your pretty face and fun spirit
surely sent from up above

I can't believe you are almost two
My how time flew by
you always make me smile
And you don't even have to try

You bring so much joy to everyone
You are not run of the mill
I love you sweet baby girl
and I always will

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