Saturday, November 6, 2010

Adoption WALK!!!

Alison Lowe, Lindsey Redfern, Christine Anderson, Myra Gilmore, many others and I all helped put together the adoption walk with me!! Alison started it a few years back and it was amazing!! We had so many fun people! The theme was "Orange" you glad for adoption?


The Scholarships4Birthmothers Booth!

I walked in celebration of Josie, Aly, Becky, Johnathan, Kyle, Logan and Birthmothers!
Of Course...No adoption event would be complete without one of my favorite kids product of adoption!! The Gavster!

And this was the beautiful SUNRISE that started our day!

Thanks for all those who came out and supported adoption!! IF you aren't in Utah feel free to start one in your area!!!

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Aly said...

Jessa! This blog is so great. I definitely need to spend more time on it. I'm honored that you threw my name on your stomach at the adoption walk... so cool!

Anyway, props on this blog. I'm sure it has been a great help for many of those involved in the adoption process. Thanks for all the stories and thoughts you've shared in the last few weeks--they were really inspiring to read.

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